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Baby Massage 

We are really excited to announce that we are now offering baby massage classes!


Here at Thriving Language we are passionate about 'quality interactions' and the role that 'connections' play in developing brighter futures for children.

Baby massage promotes relaxation for both baby and parent, it can soothe your baby and help them to sleep. There are many benefits to baby massage and we love that this special time is also a wonderful way to bond further with your baby and develop those important connections.

Head to our shop and discover vouchers or book directly by emailing


The £25 Baby Massage Gift Voucher will enable the parent/s to attend a set of 4 virtual sessions with Becky, where you will learn the techniques and benefits of baby massage.

Once purchased, a gift voucher will be sent through the post which you can redeem by booking directly with Becky.


Parenting is not an easy job and one size does not fit all!

We are always careful when offering advice and so our parents page will offer some general information and also links to resources which you may find useful and interesting.

We will be running our 'play and say' workshops in the future which are a great way to meet other parents and learn some 'top tips' for communication development, follow us on facebook, instagram or twitter for updates!

Creating harmony for two-year-olds and their families

Do you need some help to discover a positive way forward with your child?

Let us help make your life and your child’s life more fun, more settled and with robust wellbeing and understanding for everyone.

We can start with a catch-up chat over zoom or come to your home and talk about what will help.

We use our professional skills in Early Years and Communication to help create an environment where everyone can Thrive. Please contact us at, we have packages of care and education that suit all family’s needs.


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