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Supervision - one to one sessions for Managers, Early Years Leads and EY Professionals

supervisions that really make the difference - thrive together
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We are offering an exclusive supervision session with Thriving Language. Our coaching and mentoring experience with a wide range of teams and individuals really helps us to support you. We are published with Bloomsbury in Mentoring and coaching in the early years and can really help you to create supervisions that develop and support a continually dynamic team.

  • Session 45 mins - face to face (or virtually outside Gloucestershire)
  • This Early Years Lead and Managers supervision is designed to support the importance and benefits of consistent supervision.
  • Let us help guide you through challenging situations. Gain an in-depth understanding of what supervision can do for you and what it feels like to be supported.
  • Supervisions are crucial in Early Years and Education, and are worth taking the time out to enable your professional career and gain new understanding of where next...

Resources supplied

  • Experience one -one professional early years supervision
  • Personal Supervision template
  • Write up of professional supervision and where next

Book now and we will email you to organise a date to fit in with your needs.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us

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