• Uses different cries to express how they’re feeling, for example tired, hungry, in pain

  • Respond to loud noises

  • Interested in faces and will move their lips/tongue when you are talking to them

  • Smile (approx. 5-6 weeks)

  • Laugh (approx. 3 months)

  • Make cooing noises (unlike babbling, cooing is the baby vocalising with vowel type sounds)

3 Months

Your role as communication partner:



  • Face to Face – this enables baby to develop eye contact with you

  • Imitate – copying the sounds a baby makes provides opportunity for the baby to hear back their sound and shows you are interested in them

  • Take Turns – notice that when you talk or sing to baby they will respond by moving, making facial expressions or cooing.  This is early turn taking.

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