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18 Months​

  • Demonstrates understanding of simple questions such as “where’s Daddy?"

  • Can point to body parts on request

  • May use 10 or more words (might not say them clearly)

  • Play develops – may start to play ‘real life’ situations, for example making tea

  • Copy new sounds/words

Your role as communication partner:


  • Follow Their Lead – allow the child to choose a toy or a book that interests them.  They will be more likely to engage with you

  • Observe - follow what the child wants to do with the toy.  Children explore toys in a way that interests them, following their lead and playing 'their way' will be more fun

  • Comment - as you spend time with a child playing, say something about what the child is doing. You are then modelling vocabulary and showing the child that you are interested in them.

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