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The Day The Low Loader Came - Children's interactive book – Creating Language Rich Environments together

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The Day The Low Loader Came Book – Creating Language Rich Environments

Written by The Beckies and Caroline Eaton

Here is where we turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

This series of books focuses on experiences and invites you and children to explore new words together and it is a great way to enjoy learning language and building brain development.

The book supports you to create a language rich environment. With the introduction of new words and the easy use of intriguing real-life photographs, you can ‘light up language’ experiences with children. Extend their knowledge and develop what they may already know.

Best of all this book can be explored independently and extended through real life experience.

This book is small but mighty and is leading the way for Quality Interactions and Thriving Language.

Bringing cultural capital to life.

This book is for children, families, professionals, and everyone who really cares about early years education and experiences.

Look out for new titles in this series ...

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