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Children's Centres, so what was the point?

Children‘s Centres, so what was the point...?

If you have ever worked in or still work in a Children’s Centre you will probably have very strong opinions on this question!

We do too!

We thought we would share with you some of our recent chats with former and present Children’s Centre colleagues.

We all seem to have the same thought, that these impending changes are worrying and destructive for children and families. However, in the face of cuts to budgets and re-structuring time and time again, the aim should remain the same: improve children’s futures for the better!

We mustn’t lose sight of the impact we have all had on the lives of children and hopefully their futures. We like to call this ‘the bubble of impact and change’ not only in the present but for the future.

We really hope that the children who were fortunate enough to have brilliant, universal, proactive, passionate practitioners and services will start to reap the benefits by continuing to thrive and develop their self-worth.

In an ideal world money should not affect the quality of the care of children or the quality of the interactions teams have with them. We share ideas on our website and you are always welcome to email any thoughts or questions.

There are also some really good services to sign post to such as Family Information Services and Families First. There are local Early Years Providers meetings in every community where you can come and share ideas.

Our concern is that targeted services only reach the few and do not create communities where families and children can learn from one another. What we need is for families to realise that they have a voice and for their children to understand the impact they can have on society. Children must value themselves! For more info have a look at

We would love to know your ideas about this and we would like to say a massive thank you to all of you who have cared enough to make a difference.

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