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Uni Days

Well Uni days and back to school are well and truly here with a big wake up call! It's certainly not summer any more and many parents, grandparents and carers will be feeling a little lost without their buddies who are now flying the nest...there is definitely a certain irony in helping your baby to grow and become independent and then they are independent adults all of a sudden and then you have done your job!

This is the time everyone says you can have a bit of time back...but is that what you want, what you really really want?

Yes, no, maybe, I don't know.

One of our very clever colleagues relayed her feelings "I am so proud of hers and my achievements but I feel like the wheels are turning very fast and I can't put the breaks on!"

So, for all the brilliant, interactive adults out there who have children starting Uni, we wish you love and are with you all the way, we understand how you are feeling.

Communicate how you feel and be honest, it might be a bit quieter for a bit and you might be over-worrying that they might not make friends or find their way etc...but they will because you are their Mum, Dad or just an amazing adult in their lives and you have enabled them to thrive.

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